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Founded in 2018 - four friends with a mutual interest in promoting the region as an area capable of producing high-quality liquor. Decided to form Woodlands Distillery. 

Woodlands Distillery is located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia on a 450-acre farm. Here is where each unique gin, vodka, and whiskey occurs, inside what was once an old shearing shed, nestled in the base of the stunning landscapes of the Porongurup Range. 

We continuously aim to make each product uniquely and proudly Australian by taking inspiration from what is native to the area, such as the natural water that is sourced from above the granite rock. Where we can, we source native botanics to infuse their flavour into the gin. The cereal grains used to make the alcohol are locally grown. These combined attributes make Woodlands a unique distillery and gives their quality products a distinct flavour. 

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